Introducing our all-new Black Swingarm Covers - the ultimate solution to protect your valuable swingarm while achieving that sleek, blacked-out look you've always wanted for your supermoto. Say goodbye to the hassle of expensive paint jobs. With our swingarm covers, you can effortlessly transform your motorcycle into a stunning supermoto dream machine.

Ultimate Protection: Shield your costly swingarm from the elements, road debris, and wear-and-tear. Our covers act as a robust barrier, preserving the integrity of your swingarm for years to come.

Blacked-Out: Get that stealthy, blacked-out appearance you've been craving. Our covers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your bike's aesthetics, ensuring a clean, cohesive look. Pair the swingarm covers with our fork covers to achieve the full blacked-out look.

Easy Installation: No need for complicated installations or professional help. Our covers are designed for simple, user-friendly installation. The swingarm covers only takes a couple of minutes to install.

What are you waiting for? Transform your bike, protect your swingarm, and embrace the supermoto look you've always dreamed of.



Husqvarna FE/TE

One kit includes 2 swingarm covers.
Left & Right side.
Half glossy, half matte