Deposit for the fully custom graphic kit

This cost will be deducted from the final payment.
We guide you into making your own custom kit. 

Create the bike of your dreams.

We will help you to create the bike of your dreams. Do you have an image in your head of exactly what your bike dream bike would look like? Or do you have an idea of how to make a unique bike? Or would you just want us to create what we think would look the best for your bike? We will help you to create your own full custom graphic kit.


There are three simple factors that decide the price of your graphic kit. 

  • Base: What materials you want
  • Additions: Amount of materials
  • Finish: What finish you want.

An example of a material is chrome or fluo. All of these materials are cut out and added by hand in our in-house production.  We offer chrome and fluo in tons of different colors to make your bike unique and stand out from the rest.

378 euro:
 Full custom kit with no extra materials
498 euro: Premium kit (one color of chrome or fluo included)

+49 euro: Extra amount of material
An example of an addition is if you would want both blue chrome and silver chrome. Or if you would like yellow fluo, and silver chrome. 

Premium finishes:
+89 euro: Matte
+79 euro: Gold Glitter
+69 euro: Holographic Glitter

Example 1:
Base: 498 euro, Premium kit (Silver chrome)
Additions: 49 euro, Orange fluo
Premium finish: 69 euro, Holographic Glitter
Total price:  Base 498 + Additon 49 + Premiun Finish 69 = 616 euro

Example 2:
378 euro, Regular kit
Premium finish: 
Total price:  378 euro

If you got any questions, please let us know. or send us a DM via Instagram

How does it work?

It is very important that you explain as well as possible exactly what you want. You will be explaining to us how you would like your design to look. We will use this information to create your custom design. After the design has been created, we will send you a message on either email or Instagram and let you approve it before printing. On the design we give you, you got 3 revisions where you can change the logos and other things of your graphics kit.

How many changes can you make?

After the design has been completed you got 3 revisions (changes) to change the kit. It is very important that you give us a good explanation of what you want your kit to look like, to get the best experience. If you would want a brand new design from scratch, we would need you to buy another deposit. This is due to the extreme time it takes to make a full custom graphic kit. We design every kit from scratch and do not reuse or resell any full custom graphic kit.

If you got a reference photo or example of how you would like your design to look. Please email, or dm us on Instagram with both the order number and the examples. We will never make a copy, but we can take some inspiration by doing it.

The time spent on the design process should be reasonable both for you and us. If an unreasonable amount of change requests are made, an additional fee can be added to the total cost of the kit. 


Refunds can be made if no work has been done on your order. From the day you order your graphic kit you have 30 days to do your changes until the deposit gets invalid. If you decide to sell your bike or change the bike in the middle of the design process additional fees will have to be added to adjust for the extra time spent re-designing your kit. Please be careful and write the correct information in your order placed on the website. We will use this information to make your design and have it fit your specific bike.

The time spent on the design process should be reasonable both for you and us. If an unreasonable amount of change requests are made, an additional fee can be added to the total cost of the kit.


Specialized in special effects such as:



Have you ever seen a chrome bike in real life? If you have, you'd remember it. All of our chrome is 100% added by hand. We carefully extract the chrome details, logo, and shapes to inlay them in your kit to separate your bike from the rest. Our chrome gives your bike definition. A mirror finish that gives extreme reflections. 



Fluorescent Materials.

The difference between a fluorescent (fluo) graphic kit compared to a "normal" is how bright the colors are. Our fluo details are inlayed 100% by hand since this color cannot be printed. A color most people have never seen before. The perfect way to make your bike glow in the dark or to get those extra likes on Instagram. Guaranteed to make your bike stand out from the rest.

Glitter sparkles.

Unique way to make your bike look insane. The glitter sparkle looks like the icy frost reflections you would see on diamonds. You can choose between a holographic and gold glitter finish. The holographic glitter changes color in different angles since it's made from carefully crushed holographic chrome. The gold glitter is self-explanatory and looks super luxurious. The best and most cost-effective way to take your bike to the next level.

Bolddesignz is specialized in making viral and unique bikes. Don't be like everyone else. be bold.

What are you waiting for? A whole new world to explore. Welcome to the world of bold. graphics.