What is the production time?

Please check https://bolddesignz.com/pages/production-time
For all of the production time information.

What is the shipping price and delivery time?

Please check: https://bolddesignz.com/pages/shipping-return-policy
For all of the shipping information.

How do I design my graphic kit?

We got two options when it comes to creating your graphic kit. It all depends on how you want your dream bike to look. One of the options is to create a full custom graphic kit. You will be placing a deposit on our website where you tell us exactly how you would want it. After this we will contact you with the design where you can make some changes to it. Another option we got it is to purchase a pre-designed semi-custom graphic kit. You will be able to change numbers, color and other small things to the graphic kit. These kits are pre-designed and cannot be changed too much. If you want to change a lot, we would need you to place an deposit for a full custom graphic kit instead.

  • Semi-custom (pre-designed)
  • Full custom  (designed by you and us)

What does a full custom graphic kit cost?

The cost of what your full custom or semi-custom graphic  will be depends on two different factors.

  • Amount of exclusive materials (chrome/fluo)
  • Finish (laminate)

All of the pricing are displayed on the product page.

How many changes can you make on a full custom graphic kit?

After the design has been completed you got 3 revisions (changes) to change the kit. It is very important that you give us a good explanation of what you want your kit to look like, to get the best experience. If you would want a brand new design from scratch, we would need you to buy another deposit. This is due to the extreme time it takes to make a full custom graphic kit. We design every kit from scratch and do not reuse or resell any full custom graphic kit.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! Bolddesignz offer worldwide shipping. We use DHL Express for all of the long distance shipping. Import fees may occur on orders outside EU depending on the country

How do I apply my new graphic kit?.

You have now received your bold. graphics and are ready to install them. But how do you do? The first step would be to check the fitment and to see if everything looks correct. Sometimes it may look incorrect at first sight, but once you start installing them, you will see that it fits. It is very important that you check the fitment already in the designing process where we send you the preview of the kit before printing. 

Clean your plastics. Use a degreaser and buff down the plastics. The plastics always have a coating on them which makes them look shiny, this should be gone for the best results possible. Buff down until they become matte and then start to apply your graphics. Take your time and be careful. Especially on chrome graphics, don't try to stretch it too much, and don't use too much heat.

Line the graphics up, then cut off a small piece from the backing paper and start applying. Do not remove all of the backing paper at once since this will make it much harder. If you get bubbles, or align it incorrectly do not be afraid to pull up. The adhesive does not start to adhere once it has been sitting for about 24 hours. Pull up if  you get any problems and re-align it again. We use the highest quality materials available for the best results. Be careful and gentle, but also make sure to push them down hard and do not do it in a cold environment. Let them sit for 24 hours inside of your house or warm garage before using the bike. Heat can be applied for easier installment, but be careful about heating chrome and fluo.


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How do I contact Bolddesignz?

Please send us a email to Info@bolddesignz.com

Where is Bolddesignz from?

Bolddesignz is a design and printing brand based on the westcoast of Sweden.