OneGripper ™ is a revolutionary seat cover for enduro, motocross, supercross and
supermoto. The seat cover is developed by top riders to perform in the toughest
conditions in all disciplines. Onegripper guarantees extreme grip in all weather, saves
your energy, insane durability, 100% waterproof, and awesome feeling on the bike.

 900x400 mm


OneGripper ™ has an awesome grip in all conditions. It creates an awesome feeling on the bike and provides relaxed riding.


OneGripper ™ is built with a durable material blend. No seams or creases that often cracks first.


OneGripper ™ is 100% waterproof which makes it easy to wash and extends life of the seat by keeping the foam dry.


OneGripper ™ saves your energy. The grip creates a relaxed ride. The focus should be on the fun, riding! 


OneGripper ™ design makes it easy to install on almost all seats out there. The cover is made out of an elastic seamless rubber/silicone mix which not only helps you mount it easily. It also helps you to both up your riding style, and your performance.

How to Install