Are you tired of using the boring stock license plate holder on your bike?

This revolutionary license plate holder features "Quick Swap" which makes it easy to both install and remove the license plate with no tools. Plug & Play Solution.

Quick Swap

Quick swap allows you with its magnetic properties to de-attach the license plate by sliding it backwards. Why would you like to remove the license plate? The bike always looks better without a license plate. And this easy quick swap will help you take pictures of your bike, or ride without a license plate whenever you feel like it. Just put the license plate in your backpack and go. It's also good if you want to ride a little bit more crazy without everyone knowing your plate digits. The reason why is up to you.


  • Integrated tail light
  • License plate light
  • Ready to install the bold blinkers
  • Quick Swap Magnetic Detachable system
  • Cables for plug & play installation included

The best plug & play system on the market

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