The Official Kit of NTKLIFE

Same design as NTKLIFE
Extreme amount of fluorescent yellow to stand out of the crowd.


Specialized in special effects such as:


Have you ever seen a chrome bike in real life? If you have, you'd remember it. We carefully create our chrome kits with cutting-edge technology. Optimized for dirt bike plastics with a thick and durable laminate film to protect your new graphics.


100% Matching Wheel Graphics.

One of the most powerful ways to create your dream bike is by matching up every single detail to each other. Let your wheels match your graphics kit. Let your bar pad match your wheels. Let your bike stand out from everyone else.

We can always match the items in your order to your graphics kit if it is purchased in the same order. Frame graphics, wheel graphics, frame stickers, and more.

Glitter sparkles.

Unique way to make your bike look insane. The glitter sparkle looks like the icy frost reflections you would see on diamonds. You can choose between a holographic and gold glitter finish. The holographic glitter changes color in different angles since it's made from carefully crushed holographic chrome. The gold glitter is self-explanatory and looks super luxurious. The best and most cost-effective way to take your bike to the next level.

Bolddesignz is specialized in making viral and unique bikes. Don't be like everyone else. be bold.

What are you waiting for? A whole new world to explore. Welcome to the world of bold. graphics.