Accossato x bold. Master Cylinder Kit

Boost your braking power with the Accossato 16x16 Left Handbrake Master Cylinder. Designed for two-piston calipers, this tested and reliable master cylinder delivers impressive stopping performance. Plus, its long lever provides extra leverage for precise control. Upgrade your braking system today!

Compact tinted fluid reservoir, with heavy-duty hose & clamps. Do not underestimate the importance of quality parts when it comes to braking down your wheelies. These heavy-duty parts are designed to last.

Included in the kit:

1 x Accossato 16x16 Left Handbrake Master Cylinder
1 x 15ml Compact Black Tinted Fluid Reservoir
1 x Heavy-duty 30cm Hose
2 x Heavy-duty Hose Clamps

Made In Italy by Accossato.