The BPWB Red Embroidery Windbreaker.

The difference between V1 & V2 is the embroidery on the back. V2 has a full red embroidery instead of black/red.

Introducing the Backpackwheelieboyz Windbreaker with Red Embroidery, the ultimate fusion of style and functionality for the modern rider. This windbreaker is designed to elevate your riding experience, featuring bold slashed embroidery on the back, small embroideries on the chest and arm, and a range of practical features.

  • Multiple pocket design, store your items in your jacket instead of a backpack.
  • GoPro battery storage in the left arm.
  • Double zipper pocket in the front for keys, wallet, and other important items.
  • Drop-down front pocket for easy phone access to film content.
  • Waterproof, wrinkle-free material with mesh inside for excellent breathing. Warm, waterproof, and prevents sweat and moisture. Designed for evening rideouts.

This jacket has carefully been designed to ride supermoto. Not too warm, not too cold. Features a breathable mesh lining on the inside. The multi-pocket design helps you organize and store all of your important items. Your phone needs easy access. But the keys and wallets need a separate solution to not scratch your phone screen or get lost.

Additionally, the windbreaker comes equipped with an innovative arm pocket, specially designed to hold your GoPro batteries. With quick and easy access to spare batteries, you can capture every adrenaline-fueled moment without missing a beat.

Stuntriding has been in mind for this design. We know it gets sweaty! And no one wants to ride in the rain and get wet.

We are extremely proud to finally present this STUNNING jacket.

Don't be like everyone else. Stand out.

The model is 185cm and wears size Large